Food Safety Level 1

Anyone who works where food is produced, sold, or served must have at least a basic understanding of food hygiene.

This training course is designed for beginners who need an introductory level of food hygiene training, it’s ideal for people who aren’t involved directly with the handling or preparation of high-risk foods but work in a setting where food is handled elsewhere. This course acquaints candidates with basic food hygiene routines so they can work safely around food.

Food Safety Level 1 course will help the candidate to be aware of the fundamental principles of food safety and hygiene by defining the terms of food safety, HACCP, food poisoning, contamination as well as safe food and hazard. You will be able to determine the different types of food hazards and the causes of food poisoning, as well as those bad practices that pose serious health risks.

This course is

  • Ideal for anyone new to food safety or has a general interest in food hygiene
  • Not suitable for anyone who works directly with preparing or handling of food
  • Meets UK and EU legal requirements for food handlers
  • Certified and accredited by UK Continuing Professional Development Certification (CPD)

Course access

  • Full access to course once checkout is completed, simply log in to your account and start learning

Course delivery

  • 100% online, in text format, easy to navigate, at your own pace, can be paused/resumed.
  • Assessed online at the end of the course in the form of multiple choice questions, 7 correct answers out of 10 is the pass mark.
  • Instant result after assessment
    • Pass
      • Digital certificate available to download or print instantly
      • Hard copy certificate post to you, delivery within 2-3 working days
    • Fail
      • Unlimited attempts until pass

Average course duration: 1-2 hours


Plans & Pricing

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